Solid state broadband 2GHz RF amplifier

The new model 5303068A class broadband A/AB linear amplifier with a frequency range of 0.8 to 2.0GHz is suitable for wide-band communications requiring receive/transmit functions in CW/AM/FM/PM and pulse modes. It is available from Westek Electronics Pty Ltd. The 5303068A amplifier has exceptionally low noise power (kTB where k is Boltzman’s constant, T is absolute temperature and B the -3dB bandwidth).
The amplifier can be switched within two microseconds to be at 20dB of kTB, making it suitable for electronic warfare applications. The amplifier has a saturated output of typically 50W and can withstand input power of +40dBm. Another feature is excellent harmonic performance, having harmonics contributions of less then -20dBc at a power output of 40W. Small signal gain exceeds +8dB and small signal response flatnesdB max.
Spurious signal contribution is less than -60dBc at a power output of 40W. The amplifier is supplied as a module suitable for cold-plate mounting and requiring only a single 13V dc power supply. The amplifier is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures froo 95% RH and to altitudes of 3000m.