Wireless Power Transfer – The Future of Electronics

Würth Elektronik is paving the way in the wireless power transfer research.

Würth Elektronik is an innovative company and always strives to provide complete solutions to help customers to understand new technology in an easy way.

In May this year they became a full member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a consortium which brings together 210 technology companies from all over the worlds to work on a pioneering charging technology.

Würth Elektronik is part of this innovative and global network, and was one of the first component manufacturers to develop coils both for transmitters and for receivers.

Würth Elektronik can now continue its research and role as industry leader in the field of inductive component solutions for wireless power transfer.

Wireless Power transfer is one of the fastest growing technologies. It is finding the way in markets such as consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, and furniture.

There are three main standards: Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) commonly known as “Qi”, Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA). Würth Elektronik is member of WPC and A4WP.

“Our aim is to position ourselves in the wireless power market, which has strong growth potential, so that we can develop our lead over the competition”, one of Würth Elektronik site managers, Oliver Opitz, says.

Westek is proud to have Würth Elektronik as one of our suppliers. Great innovations and forward thinking are always valued traits in the industry.

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