The Matrix D Series – High Performance & Compact Size Harmonic Filters from MTE

Avoid harmonic distortion with our range of Harmonic Filters from MTE, high quality harmonic filters in a very competitive price range. 

Harmonic distortion has become an increasing concern for power companies, industrial, and residential users of electrical equipment and specifying engineers alike.

Harmonic distortion can have detrimental effects on electrical equipment. Unwanted distortion can increase the current in power systems, which results in higher temperatures in neutral conductors and distribution transformers. Higher frequency harmonics cause additional core loss in motors which results in excessive heating of the motor core. These higher order harmonics can also interfere with communication transmission lines since they oscillate at the same frequencies as the transmit frequency.

If left unchecked, increased temperatures and interference can greatly shorten the life of electronic equipment and cause damage to power systems.

The MTE Series Matrix D Filters meet the most stringent IEEE 519 requirements of removing harmonic current distortion on virtually any kind of six pulse rectifier supply. These power suppliers are commonly found in three-phase electronic equipment, such as adjustable speed motor drives, welders, battery chargers, servo drives and other electronic equipment.

Unlike other harmonic filters, the performance of MTE Matrix Harmonic Filters is guaranteed. On AC variable frequency, variable torque drive applications, Matrix filters will meet the guaranteed maximum levels of THID (total harmonic current distortion) at full load. Additionally, Matrix filters will not cause power system resonance nor attract harmonics from other non-linear loads.

In addition to meeting regulatory power quality standards, MTE Matrix Harmonic Filters increase the reliability and lifespan of electronic equipment by reducing unnecessary harmonic currents flowing through them, therefore reducing heat. The Harmonics Mitigating Reactor included in these harmonic filters will also absorb transient over-voltages preventing over-voltage trips and equipment damage.

The Matrix D optimizes the technology for smaller packaging, requiring less floor or panel space than similar filter schemes. The series typically cost less than other harmonic mitigation techniques, which makes it a very competitive option to similar products currently on the market.

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