Current Shunts

Current shunts available from 1A to 15000A Available in Voltage Drop: 50mV/60mV/75mV/150mV Accuracy class: 0.5 or 1 as per IEC60051

Current Transformers

Current Transformers in Applicable Standards: IEC / EN 60044-1, BS 3938, IS 2705-1 Type: Wound Primary, Busbar Type, Tape Wound, Protection Type, Split Core Accuracy Class: 0.2, 0.2S for laboratory and power measurement 0.5, 0.5S for accurate measuring, kWh 1…

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters available in types: AC, DC, Current and Voltage, Frequency, Temperature 1ph, 3ph programmable Digital Panel Meter (DPM) Universal aux. supply Enclosure protection for dust, water & EMC compatibility TRMS Measurement 4 digit ultra-bright LED display

DIN Rail Power Supplies

Competitive price and performance ratio on DIN Rail Power Supplies. 3 Protective functions: (a) Hiccup mode (b) Fold back (c) Restart after main. Declared ambient temperature operation field i.e. 40, 50 & 60 Only one product for 230-400-500V AC Standards: EN…

Signal Isolators

Signal isolators with measuring ranges configurable with DIP switch and potentiometer Red LED’s indicator: an open or short – circuit Universal (AC/DC) power supply

Voltage and Current Transducers

Voltage and Current Transducers with single, multiple input-output. 1/3ph, 2/3/4 wire, programmable multi transducers Meets requirements of international standard IEC688 for accuracy Insulation level of 3.7kV/4kV Electrical Isolation between all transducer connections Option of bent transformation characteristics Output short circuit…