Single Phase EMC/EMI Filters

Schaffner Single phase EMC/EMI filters for chassis or DIN-rail mounting are key for EMC compliance of higher power office equipment and low to medium power industrial applications. Learn more

Three Phase and neutral line EMC/EMI Filters

Schaffner Three-phase and neutral line EMC/EMI filters are a compact solution for the interference suppression on the mains input of cabinets and control units of equipment, ranging from industrial applications like machine tools to sensitive medical installations. Learn more

Three Phase EMC/EMI Filters

Schaffner EMC/EMI three-phase filter solutions are suitable for industrial applications like motor drives and machine tools. Furthermore, these types of EMC/EMI filters are also suitable for mainframe computer systems, large uninterruptible power supplies, medical equipment, wind turbine power stations and…

ZIF Connectors

Wurth ZIF connectors are very useful in applications, where, for example, a connection to a small display (screen) or keyboard is needed. ZIF connectors have been developed to meet a combination of requirements such as low profile, light-weight, secure yet…