VRx Series Single Phase Voltage Stabilisers – Outdoor

The TSi Power VRx Series Voltage Stabiliser will stabilise the output voltage to within +/- 3% of  230V nominal output voltage even with varying input voltages of 172V AC to 276 V AC.

These VRx Outdoor Series Voltage Stabilisers also incorporate surge protection in accordance with IEC 61312.  The VRx with optional isolation transformer provides complete isolation from the ac line, with a neutral-to-ground bond to eliminate all surge voltages between neutral and ground.

These VRx Voltage Stabilisers use Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) switching of a buck/boost transformer to regulate the voltage continuously, smoothly and precisely unlike conventional tap switching voltage stabilisers.

The high frequency IGBT driven converter takes the incoming ac power, measures against the input voltage and adds or subtracts voltage, 20,000 times per second, to achieve the nominal output voltage +/-3%.

VRx Series Voltage Stabilisers can be used to protect the following equipment from voltage variations and surges:

remote transceiver base stations fixed wireless applications any outdoor application where the equipment requires a stable and reliable  power supply

Single phase VRx Outdoor Voltage Stabilisers are available in various power ratings from 1KW  to 15KW.

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