Test Equipment: Tecnoservi

European based Tecnoservizi has been manufacturing test instrumentation since 1989. Their field of expertise lies in instrumentation for the following market segments:

  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Telecommunication
  • Geospatial
  • Rugged PC’s
  • Forestry Surveys

TaomaThe Taoma Magnetic/Electric Field Analyser is the ideal tool for the measurement and evaluation of Electric and Magnetic Fields and subsequent comparison to International Standards.

Five interchangeable probes are available providing an extraordinarily wide bandwidth of 5Hz to 18GHz. The probes enable the measurement of Magnetic Induction (B), Electric Field (E) and Magnetic Field (H).

The Taoma Field Analyser incorporates an Intel 400MHz CPU with Windows CE operating system. This provides enormous flexibility for future upgrades of standards and system applications.
The unit is controlled by a track ball and alphanumeric keyboard and features a clear 6.4 inch TFT colour VGA display.

Measurements are made in real time with simultaneous visualization of the numerical values (Instantaneous, Average, Max) and of amplitude/time graphics.

The TAOMA Magnetic Field Analyser/Electric Field Analyser also features:

  • 5 hour rechargeable battery, 12h optional
  • 3 USB ports, RS232 electric & optical ports, (analogue input 0-5V, Ethernet and) Delete SD card slot including 512MB card to store data
  • Analytical and reporting software on board
  • Internal GPS module for positioning information
  • Isotropic or single axis measurement options
  • Wideband and FFT mode from 15Hz to 100KHz
  • Wideband mode above 100KHz
  • Weighs only 1 kg, rugged construction with protective rubber sleeve and IP54 protection
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Optional Interface Box containing 24hr rechargeable battery and a CPU for long term recording of field data without the instrument connected
The Taoma can also be optioned with a wooden tripod, an internal GPRS module for remote data transmission and a laser telemeter for measuring distances of up to 1km.

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