Zymax AC power protectors

Surge Protection Devices

AC power protectorsZymax is a world leader in surge and transient suppression. Its products are independently tested to meet European EMC emission standard EN55022 and surge testing to EN61000-4-5. Products also answer to IT safety standard EN60950.

The Zymax range of surge suppressors encompasses power shunt protectors suitable for 240 volts single-phase supplies; combination surge suppression and RFI filter units also suitable for single-phase 340 volt supplies; three-phase surge protection barriers, as well as surge protection devices for data cables, video and CCTV protection, and aerial protection.



  • Zymax MOVs are protected by flame-retardant material
  • Zymax MOVs are thermally fused
  • Zymax MOVs have a single, fail-safe LED indicator, which indicates normal functioning
  • while lit.

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ZM06 AC Power Protectors and Filters

Handles 420 Joule impulses and 6 Amp RFI filtering




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