Applied Power Systems INC

APS is focused on providing leading edge, high technology solutions for power stages and gate driver boards. Their product range includes high power Inverters, Converters and AC Phase Control Power Stages.

Applied Power Systems semi-conductor devices

Applied Power Systems INC semi conductor deviceThe products include leading edge, high technology solutions for power stages and gate driver boards such as high power inverter, converter and AC Phase Control Power Stages as well as SCR Gate Driver Circuits for IGBT, SCR and MOSFET devices, fibre-optic interfaces, high voltage drivers for IGBTs and SCRs, Snubber boards, etc. In addition a complete line of high power semiconductor assemblies and rectifier bridges is available.

Inverters and Converters

Applied Power Systems INCThe APS SixPac™ Series of power controllers are built on a rugged, compact, all-inclusive, economical base. They have a great deal of flexibility to provide OEMs with a fully functional set of power stages They have been designed for long life in heavy-duty industrial applications The SixPac™ includes three dual isolated SCR modules that can be configured as either a three-phase AC Controller (AC in, phase-controlled AC out) or a regulated DC Converter (AC in, regulated DC out) This versatile power stage can be applied to virtually any power application that needs phase controlled AC or regulated DC and includes solid-state motor starters, soft-start/soft-stop, variable speed drives, windmill alternator converters and regulated power supplies to name a few.

Driver Boards

Applied Power Systems INC driver boardsAPS offers the latest generation IGBT and SCR Gate Driver Boards to provide ‘Total Control’ of your power semiconductor applications!

Aimed at providing industrial OEMs the ability to quickly develop their own high power industrial IGBT inverters and SCR/Diode Converters and Controllers, these boards provide fast, reliable, field-proven solutions, saving customer time and money during application development.

APS IGBT and SCR Gate Drivers incorporate the isolated power supplies and protection features required for safe, reliable operation of power stages, plus the isolated analog feedback of critical power stage parameters, DC Bus Voltage, output Current and device Temperature. APS IGBT Gate Drivers control from two up to six IGBTs at currents in excess of 1400 Amps. APS SCR Gate Drivers control up to twelve SCRs and offer the highest level of integration available in the market.

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