Dynapower Corporation has been producing high current power supplies of the highest quality since 1963 and has attained the reputation as the premier manufacturer in the industry. Its experience is vast in the design and manufacture of custom power supply equipment for a variety of applications.

Products and Applications
  • AC & DC Power Supplies up to and exceeding 10 megawatts
  • Plating
  • Anodising & Colour Anodizing
  • Battery (MultiCircuit Systems, Industrial Charge/Discharge),
  • Automation
Switch Mode Power Supplies

By incorporating the latest in high frequency switchmode technology, Dynapower Corporation is able to offer a reliable, efficient Switchmode Power Supply. The unit is enclosed in a sealed water-cooled stainless steel cabinet that is small enough to be wall mounted and can be utilized in areas where conventional Rectifiers simply will not fit.

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