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Rapid Power Corporation Rapid Power Corporation specialise in high current DC power supplies from several hundred amps to over 70,000 amps DC.
Rapid Power offers the latest generation of high current fully sealed, high frequency switch mode DC power supplies. Their power supplies feature innovative design and fabrication techniques, providing users with a significant cost and performance advantage. The sleek styling and distinctive appearance blend technology and functionality into a user-friendly, precision output, high-tech package.

Rapid Power specializes in High Current DC supplies including:
  • High Power Rectifier Systems
  • DC Plating Power Supplies (Analog or Digital Controlled)
  • Fully Sealed – Digitally Controlled Switchmode Power Supplies
  • Space Saver SCR
  • Anodizing Power Supplies
Rapid’s switchmode power supplies have been designed to be extremely simple to operate and maintain. All output adjustments are made from the control keypad located in the front panel of the unit.

Also included on the front panel are:
  • Power on/off switch
  • Voltage and Current setpoint selection push buttons
  • Up/Down setpoint control push buttons
  • Voltage and Current mode indicating lights
  • Alphanumeric display for Voltage and Current setpoints
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