Pioneer in high power semiconductor applications, Powerex offers a broad line of products, including IGBT; MOSFET modules: Intelligent Power Modules (IPM); DIP-IPM; Module Accessories (IPM; (including gate drivers and DC-DC

Converters); Discrete
Thyristors/SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier); Discrete Rectifiers; Thyristor and Diode
Modules; Fast Recovery and Three-Phase Diode Modules; Assemblies; IGBT Assemblies; and Custom Modules. Powerex supports many markets, including transportation, AC and DC motor controls, UPS, alternative energy, medical power supplies, welding, industrial heating, electrical vehicles, aircraft and communications.

  • 250V Trench Gate IGBT Modules
  • 600V Single & Dual IGBT Modules
  • 600V Single, Dual, CIB, and 7-Pac IGBT Modules
  • 1200V IGBT Single & Dual Modules
  • 1200V Chopper Modules
  • 1400V IGBT Modules
  • 4500V HVIGBT Single Modules
  • 6500V HVIGBT Single & Chopper Modules
  • MOSFET Modules with voltage and current ratings from 75 V to 150 V and current ratings from 200 A to 600 A
  • Discrete Thyristors – Phase Control – Disc with voltage ratings of 200-1600; 200-2400;1200-2100; 3600-4500; 6000-6500V
  • Discrete Thyristors – Phase Control – Stud (200-2400V)
  • Discrete Thyristors
  • Powerex high power Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) feature all-diffused elements and are available in a variety of packages, including studs and discs.

Discrete Thyristors


Discrete Rectifiers





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