PMM Emission Suite PC Software

The new emission suite PC software from PMM Narda will provide the PMM 9010, 9030, 9060 receivers with extremely useful functions to control measurements. It will also collect, analyze and post-process data in a very effective and safe manner. With full control of all auto and manual receiver functions, real-time display on PC and one-click operating mode it is a powerful PC software.

PMM Narda specialises in receivers and spectrum analysers, antenna-mounted receivers, LISNs, antennas and EMC-RFI compliance software. PMM was founded in 1968, cutting its teeth on the design of ham radio receivers, transmitters, and later in the early 1980’s, through natural development, the Company commenced building receivers and ancillary equipment for the then nascent RFI regulations. PMM’s expertise in meeting the very strict requirements for EMC as well as RFI is therefore based on its product development history throughout the formative years of EMC/RFI compliance standards.

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