Matrix D Harmonic Filter

The MTE Matrix® Harmonics Filter uses a patented Harmonics Mitigating Reactor to reduce load current distortion to less than 5% THID on electronic equipment such as Variable Speed Drives and other electronic equipment utilising a six pulse rectifier input power supply. Such input rectifiers are commonly found in welders, battery chargers, servo drives and other three phase industrial machinery.

MTE Matrix Harmonic Filters allow you to meet the voltage and current distortion limits of IEEE-519, EN61000, AS2279 and G5/4.

In addition to meeting regulatory power quality standards, MTE Matrix Harmonic Filter increase the reliability and lifespan of electronic equipment by reducing unnecessary harmonic currents flowing through them, therefore reducing heat. The Harmonics Mitigating Reactor included in these harmonic filters will also absorb transient over-voltages preventing over-voltage trips and equipment damage.

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MTE Matrix Harmonics Filters Features and Benefits
  • Meets the voltage and current distortion limits of IEEE-519, EN61000, AS2279 and G5/4.
  • Saves energy by eliminating the wasted energy associated with harmonics, therefore reducing the trms KVA demanded from your power source
  • Speed Controllers or Inverters
  • Reduce THID to 5%
  • Increase equipment reliability by absorbing transients and voltage surges
  • Increase equipment life by reducing heat associated with harmonic currents
  • Reduce Motor Temperature and Audible Noise
  • Improve Power Factor
  • Increase Semiconductor Life
  • Reduce THDV to meet Power Quality Standards
  • Current range: 6A to 1200A
  • Voltage range: Up to 690V
  • Enclosures: Open panel, NEMA 2, NEMA 3R or custom design to your IP rating requirements

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Matrix D Harmonic Filter

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