Matrix AP Adaptive Passive Harmonic Filters

adaptive passive harmonic filter
The Matrix Adaptive Passive Harmonic Filter is the latest innovation from MTE and uses “adaptive passive technology” in its design. Essentially a passive harmonic filter, the Matrix AP adapts to load conditions to provide optimised THID performance. It maintains a THID performance of 8% MAX at 30% load and 5% MAX at full load and helps meet IEEE-519 Requirements (5% THID) when used at lighter loads. The Matrix AP Harmonic filter is the most advanced passive harmonic filter and provides improved energy efficiency and power factor.

The Martix AP Harmonic Filter has the ability to vary its impedance in response to changing loads. At light loads, the impedance of the Martix AP harmonic filter increases. At higher loads the impedance of the Martix AP harmonic filter decreases. This result is more consistent mitigation of current harmonics even from light loads and more efficiency at higher loads. The patented design involves a new core technology in the lamination panels that provide the reaction based on the load. The Matrix AP harmonic filters use far less capacitors than previous models and resistors and fans are eliminated completely. These features reduce complexity and increase reliability.
The new Matrix AP Harmonic filter is available in 480 Volts 60Hz, 400 Volts 50Hz, and 600 Volts 60Hz, 690V 50Hz available on request.

Design Features

  • Uses fewer capacitors while maintaining 99%+ efficiency
  • No resistors required
  • Reactor impedance changes with load resulting in higher efficiency and less heat loss. No fans are required to be installed in Matrix AP filters
  • More consistent power factor across the load range
  • Improves C/L ratio which decreases potential resonance
  • Lowers capacitance resulting in less voltage rise at no load, at PCC (Point of Common Coupling) and on the DC Bus

  • Helps meet IEEE-519 Requirements (5% THID) when used at lighter loads
  • Guarantees THID performance of 8% MAX at 30% load, 5% MAX at full load
  • Meets the voltage and current distortion limits of IEEE-519, EN61000, AS2279 and G5/4
  • Saves energy by eliminating the wasted energy associated with harmonics, therefore reducing the trms KVA demanded from your power source
  • Suitable for Speed Controllers or Inverters
  • Compatible with generator systems
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Helps eliminate system downtime
  • Increase equipment reliability by absorbing transients and voltage surges
  • Increase equipment life by reducing heat associated with harmonic currents
  • Reduce Motor Temperature and Audible Noise
  • Improve Power Factor
  • Increase Semiconductor Life
  • Reduce THDV to meet Power Quality Standards
  • Current range: 6A to 1200A
  • Voltage range: Up to 690V
  • Enclosures: Open panel, NEMA 2, NEMA 3R or custom design to your IP rating requirements

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Matric AP Harmonic Filter Datasheet
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