RL Series Line/Load Reactors

The MTE RL Series Line/Load reactor from Westek ElectronicsThe MTE RL Series Line/Load reactors help protect your valuable assets from power line disturbances that would otherwise cause nuisance tripping or damage to inverters, variable speed controllers and other electronic equipment.

RL Line/Load reactors are also very effective in reducing harmonics produced by inverters and drives and will help you meet IEEE 519 performance standard for harmonic control.

RL Line Reactors can be placed on the input or the output of an inverter or variable speed controller.

When used on the input side of an inverter/drive, the RL Reactor will protect other electronic equipment from noise created by the inverter/drive. They will also protect the inverter/drive from incoming surges and spikes and will reduce harmonic distortion therefore helping you meet the IEEE 519 harmonic standard.

When used on the output side of an inverter/drive, the RL reactor will reduce dv/dt and motor terminal peak voltage. They will also reduce motor temperatures and audible noise in motor loads.

RL Series Line/Load Reactors Features and Benefits
  • Protect Motors from Long Lead Effects
  • Reduce Output dv/dt Voltage
  • Eliminate Nuisance tripping of Variable Speed Controllers or Inverters
  • Reduce THD
  • Reduce Surge Currents
  • Reduce Motor Temperature and Audible Noise
  • Improve True Power Factor
  • Helps meet IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3-4 Harmonic Performance Standards
  • Increase Semiconductor Life
RL Series Line/Load Reactor Impedance Ratings

RL Series Line/Load reactors are available in 3% impedance and 5% impedance ratings.

3% impedance Line/Load Reactors are suitable for reducing power line spikes and motor current surges. they will also help prevent nuisance tripping of circuit breakers in inverters and variable speed drives.

5% impedance Line/Load reactors provide the benefits of the 3% reactors plus are suitable for reducing harmonic currents and frequencies, reducing motor temperature and noise and meeting IEEE 519 standard.

RL Series Line/Load Reactor Selection

Please download the brochure below for MTE RL Series Line Reactor selection charts and technical data. MTE RL Series Line Reactors are available for load currents up to 750A, 415V/600V and in an open panel style or NEMA1 Cabinet.

Selection Chart for RL Series Reactors