DC Link Chokes

DC Link Chokes are a cost effective way of filtering the DC bus voltage and current in a variable speed drive/inverter. (VSD)

DC Link Chokes are installed between the input rectifier and bus capacitor to improve the DC bus waveform and the AC input waveform.

MTE DC Link Chokes are designed to reduce DC ripple as well as AC input harmonics. In addition the MTE DC Link Chokes reduce di/dt slew rates and thus diminish significantly stress placed on the insulation of other connected apparatus. Unlike input line reactors, DC link chokes do not reduce the input voltage at the fundamental frequency and therefore do not reduce power to variable speed drives, etc. The DC Link Chokes are rated for 1000 Volts DC and are designed to mitigate harmonics including the fifth order, thus removing to a large extent oscillating torque conditions on direct-connected induction motors.

MTE DC Link Choke Brochure

DC Link Chokes

Features and benefits of DC Link Chokes
  • Reduce AC input line harmonics
  • Help meet IEEE-519 power quality standards
  • Absorb voltage & current surges & spikes
  • Reduce AC ripple on the DC bus
  • Reduce dv/dt and di/dt rates
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping and over-voltage tripping of VSD’s
  • Reduce DC Bus transient over-voltages thus protecting inverters from damage
  • Current range: 1A to 1000A
  • Voltage: 1000V DC