Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) GRIDCON Active Harmonic Filters

The GRIDCON ACF Active Harmonics Filters is the latest generation Active Harmonic Filter from Industry leaders Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR). Following on from the successful PQF range of Active Harmonic Filters, the MR GRIDCON ACF incorporates a host of new features, placing the GRIDCON at the forefront of harmonic mitigation technology.

The new GRIDCON ACF Active Harmonic Filter is based on a 3 level IGBT circuit with many benefits, including lower losses, higher efficiencies, higher power density, higher dielectric strength and the ability to handle higher frequencies.
GRIDCON ACF Active Harmonic Filters are based on a modular platform. Each internal module is rated at 125A. Due to the high density of the new 3 level IGBT topology, each cabinet can be fitted with four modules, delivering an industry leading 500A / 348kvar per cabinet for 400V systems, 600kvar for 600V systems. For higher power applications, multiple cabinets can be connected in parallel to create systems of up to 3 Mvar.
The GRIDCON ACF Active Harmonic Filter can handle voltages of up to 800V and ships in an IP54 cabinet without any de-rating.


Features & Benefits

  • Dynamically filters current harmonics to the 51st order
  • Provides Power Factor Correction
  • Provides Load Balancing
  • Provides Flicker Compensation
  • Complies with EN 50178, EN 61439-1, EN 61439-2, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 55011 standards
  • Modular design means that expanding current in future is as simple as installing additional amplifier modules in the cabinet. Ideal of load is not known during the specification stage.
  • Highest power density, 500A per 800mm wide cabinet
  • IP54 rated cabinet with no de rating necessary
  • Handles voltages of up to 800V
  • Twin DSP controller with 7 inch touch screen display. No additional measurement device required for commissioning.

For more information please contact us or download the GRIDCON ACF Active Harmonic Filter brochure below.

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