Frequency Converters

These Powertek SFC Series AC Frequency Converters are capable of accepting AC power at 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz and converting it to an output frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz or 400Hz.

These frequency converters are ideal when testing avionics equipment at 400Hz, or equipment destined for overseas markets requiring 60Hz.

As well as frequency conversion, the SFC Series Frequency Converters provide excellent voltage regulation and stability.

The SFC Frequency converters are available in single phase as well as three phase configuration, from 1KVA to 60KVA.

SFC Frequency Converters can be used for the following applications:
• Converting 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz in any input/output combination
• Powering avionics equipment
• Powering naval equipment
• Converting single phase power to three phase power
• Converting three phase power to single phase power
• Powering equipment destined for overseas markets
• Powering equipment locally that was originally designed for overseas markets

Frequency Converter Model Range
SFC 2000 Single phase frequency converters, 1.5KVA to 4KVA
SFC 3000 Rack Mountable frequency converters, single phase and three phase applications, 1.5KVA to 4KVA
SFC 4000 Single phase input, three phase output frequency converters 2.5KVA to 4KVA
SFC 5000 Single phase frequency converters 8KVA to 40KVA
SFC 6000 Three phase frequency converters 6KVA to 50KVA

Please contact us for application advice on which frequency converter is best suited to your application or download the datasheets by clicking on the links below.
SFC 2000 Single Phase 1KVA-5KVA
SFC 3000 Rack Mountable 1.5KVA-4KVA
SFC 4000 1ph in 3ph out 2.5KVA-4KVA
SFC 5000 Single Phase 8KVA-40KVA
SFC 6000 Three Phase 6KVA-50KVA
SFC Range Overview
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