High performance, vector control inverters FRENIC5000VG7S Series



The world’s finest inverter. The best control capability. The most requested functions.

  • The industry’s best control performance
  • Use with different control types (multi-drive function)
  • A wide range of capacity/flexible applications
  • Built-in user-programmable functions (option as UPAC).
  • Enhanced network readiness
  • Inverter support loader provided
  • Enhanced built-in functions
  • Upgraded maintenance/protective functions
  • Interactive KEYPAD for simple operation
  • Conformity to world standards

Power and Model Variation

• Rated input voltage
Three-phase 200V series 0.75 to 15kW : Three-phase 200 to 230V, 50Hz/60Hz
Three-phase 200V series 18.5 to 90kW : Three-phase 200 to 220V/50Hz, Three-phase 200 to 230V/60Hz
Three-phase 400V series 3.7 to 15kW : Three-phase 380 to 480V, 50Hz/60Hz
Three-phase 400V series 18.5 to 630kW : Three-phase 380 to 440V/50Hz, Three-phase 380 to 480V/60Hz
Three-phase 400Vseries 710 to 800kW : DC 513 to 758V
• Acceptable input power variation
Voltage : +10 to -15%
Frequency : +5 to -5%
Voltage unbalance : 2% or less (conforms to IEC61800-3(5.2.3))
• Capacity range

CT use (for constant torque, overload capability: 150%-1min.)

Three-phase 200V : 0.75 to 90kW
Three-phase 400V : 3.7 to 800kW

VT use (for variable torque, overload capability: 110%-1min.)

Three-phase 200V : 0.75 to 90kW
Three-phase 400V : 3.7 to 630kW

HT use (for vertical transfer application, overload torque: 200%/170%-1sec.)

Three-phase 200V : 3.7 to 55kW
Three-phase 400V : 3.7 to 55kW

Outline Specifications

Item Specifications
Control capability Speed control accuracy: ±0.005%

Speed response: 100Hz

Current response: 800Hz

Torque control accuracy (linearity): ±3%
Built-in function Vector control is applicable to two types of motors. Also, V/f control is applicable to the third motor.

Auto-tuning function

Load vibration suppressing observer function

Load adaptive control function

Zero speed lock control

Pulse train input (option)

Orientation control (option)

Built-in PG feedback card

RS485 communications function

I/O terminal checking function

Main circuit capacitor life judgment

Records and displays accumulated operation hour
Keypad Copying function code data function

Remote operation (The extension cable is optional.)

Display in seven languages

JOG (jogging) operation

Remote/local selection
Braking unit Three-phase 200V: 55kW or less (built-in), 75kW or more (option)

Three-phase 400V: 110kW or less (built-in), 132kW or more (option)
I/O terminal points
  Input Output
Analog 3 point 4 point
Digital 11 point 5 point
Enclosure Up to 15kW: IP20 (closed type), 18.5kW or over: IP00 (open type), IP20 (closed type) is optional.

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