High Frequency Inverter FRENIC-HF Series

Packed with cutting-edge technology

High-speed motor with optimal control

The FRENIC-HF high-speed motor is designed to handle output frequencies of up to 1667 Hz. The ability to calibrate non-linear frequency settings at points 1, 2, and 3 in the graph below allows for custom V/f settings.

Switch between multiple motors

One inverter can switch between five different motors. A digital input feature allows you to switch between them by simply entering function codes and terminals.

Easier to operate and maintain

Built-in USB port allows you to use the PC loader to manage data with ease!

Improved working efficiency in the manufacturing site

  • A variety of data about the inverter body can be saved in the keypad memory, allowing you to check the information in any place.
  • Data can be transferred from the USB port of the keypad directly to the computer (personal computer loader) in the manufacturing site.
  • Periodical collection of life information can be carried out efficiently.
  • The real-time tracing function permits the operator to check the equipment for abnormality.


  1. The keypad can be directly connected to the computer through a commercial USB cable (Mini B) without using a converter. The computer can be connected on-line with the inverter.
  2. With the personal computer loader, the inverter can support the following functions (1) to (5).

    (1) Editing, comparing, and copying the function code data

    (2) Operation monitor and real-time trace

    (3) Trouble history (indicating the latest four troubles)

    (4) Maintenance information

    (5) Historical trace

Note: The PC loader software can be downloaded free from our website at

Packed with features

  • Multistage frequency selection: Select from a maximum of 15 steps
  • Features include auto-restart after momentary power failure, cooling fan ON/OFF control, and more
  • Built-in Safe Torque Off feature (EN1/EN2 terminal) shuts off the output of the inverter (motor output torque) immediately.

Switch between digital input terminal sink and source methods

  • Digital input terminal (X1–X7) logic methods can be switched between sink and source to match the application you want to control.

    Flexibly links to PLCs and other upper-level control devices
  • Switching is done via a switch mounted inside the inverter on the control board.

Optional network cards link you to a variety of networks

Simply insert the FRENIC-HF option card into a connecter slot inside the inverter. Use up to three cards for maximum versatility.

Note: Some option cards are not compatible with one another. Contact us for details.

  • DeviceNet communication card
  • CC-Link communication card
  • PROFIBUS-DP communication card
  • CANopen communication card
  • SX bus communication card

Designed life 10 years

For the various consumable parts inside the inverter, their designed lives have been extended to 10 years, which also extended the equipment maintenance cycles.

Consumable part Designed life
Main circuit capacitor 10 years
Electrolytic capacitor on PCB 10 years
Cooling fan 10 years

Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature: 40℃,

Load: 100%

* The designed lives are the calculated values and not the guaranteed ones.

Standard Specifications

Basic dimensions

[Unit: mm]
Type W H D
FRN2.2H1S-2J 150 260 145
FRN5.5H1S-2J 220 195
FRN11H1S-2J 250 400

Wiring Diagram

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