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Test Equipment: Langer - Near Field Probes
Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of near field probes and related equipment for Disturbance Emission measurement, IC Emissions measurement and Disturbance Immunity. Their products are used in research & development as well as product applications.

HR-E 40-1 set

The HR-E 40-1 is a passive near-field probe for measuring electric fields up to 40 GHz. The probe is placed vertically and centrally on the RF trace for measurement. By placing the probe directly on the RF trace, a defined distance (0.5 mm) between the RF trace and measuring electrode is achieved. The measuring tip is decoupled from the cable shield by special damping systems. In addition, the probe contains a current attenuator. The probe is designed for manual operation. To reproduce measurements the HR-E 40-1 should be used in conjunction with a positioning system, for example, ICS 105. For measurements in the range up to 40 GHz, a suitable microwave cable is required. It is not included in the scope of delivery but can be ordered optionally. Either spectrum analyzers or oscilloscopes can be used for signal evaluation.

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Disturbance Emission Testing

Langer offers a large range of Near Field Probe Sets for measuring RF emissions on electronic circuits and components.
The probes for RF voltage and current measurement are directly connected to a spectrum analyzer.

The LF Series probe kits are suitable for Magnetic Field emissions tests on printed circuit boards in the frequency range of 100KHz to 50MHz.


Near Field Probes - Langer | Westek

The RF Series probe kits are suitable for Magnetic Field and E Field emissions on printed circuit boards in the frequency range of 30MHz to 3GHz

The XF Series probe kits are suitable for Magnetic Field and E Field emissions on printed circuit boards in the frequency range of 30MHz to 6GHz

The MFA Series probes feature an integrated amplifier and are designed to measure Magnetic Field emissions on tiny SMD devices in the frequency range of 1MHz to 6GHz.

The RFS probe tips are designed to be used with a mechanical scanner and offer higher repeatability over handheld probes. The RFS Series can measure H Fields and E Fields in the frequency range of 30MHz to 3GHz


Langer also offers compact RF Pre-Amplifiers for amplification of the signals coming for the near field probes. The preamplifiers work from 100KHz to 3GHz. Three models are available depending on the required connector arrangement.

PA 203 features 20dB amplification with BNC connectors

Near Field Probes - Langer | Westek
PA 303 features 30dB amplification with BNC or SMA connectors
PA 303N features 30dB amplification with N connectors

The NNB21 Line-impedance Stabilization Network is designed for testing conducted RF emissions of small automotive components in the frequency range of 200MHz to 1GHz. The maximum continuous current is 10A, the maximum allowable voltage is 50V DC.

For more information please click on the link below to download the Langer Probe Kit Datasheet or contact us.



Disturbance Immunity Testing

Langer offers a large range of disturbance immunity kits useful for testing components and printed circuit boards for disturbance immunity during the development process.


The E1 Development System consists of a Burst Generator and EMC Sensor. It is used to determine the cause of faults with equipment when they fail the ESD and Burst tests. (IEC 61000-4-2 and IEC 61000-4-4). Pulses are coupled to the circuit via galvanic connections or via magnetic or electric field sources and then the disturbance paths are monitored using the sensors.


The E1 B Field Sources feed magnetic fields into the product under test and generate pulse-shaped magnetic fields through induction coils. Probes are also included in the kit and are guided by hand over the module to find magnetically susceptible circuit structures.


The E1 E-Field Sources, via the SGZ 21 generator and inject pulse-shaped electrical fields on the module surface. They are used to locate electrically susceptible circuit sections.


The S2 Magnetic Field Probes measure fast transient magnetic pulse fields and pulse currents in electronic circuits whilst under the influence of extreme disturbances. The objective is to clarify magnetic field-related disturbance immunity phenomena which are triggered by burst or ESD pulses.

The P1 Mini Burst Generator Kit is a set of pocket-sized mini burst generators used to inject B fields and E fields into electronic circuits. They are used to inject equivalent Burst and ESD Pulses.

The P23 Pulse generator is a mini E Field Generator used to inject E Field pulses into an electronic circuit. Up to 1.2KV can be generated using the P23 Pulse generator.

The H2/H3 Field Source Sets can locate the weak spots with small, local field sources and pinpoint them in the component and layout area. Used in conjunction with a Generator of up to 4.4KV voltage, these probe kits enable precise coupling of pulse fields into your device to find any weak spots.

The PT4 Burst Transformer is used to capacitive couple Bursts pulses (IEC 61000-4-4) section by section through your circuit to locate any weak spots or fault locations.

IC Test Systems 

Near Field Probes - Langer | Westek

The IC test board has been designed for developers and manufacturers of digital IC’s such as processors or ASIC‘s. The design phase is the best time to determine IC characteristics to identify coupling mechanisms within the IC and to specifically influence them during the redesign. The IC user is able to compare various IC’s with each other independent of his current module and thus assess and choose manufacturers as well as technologies. The confined structure and the continuous GND plane ensure correct measurements up to and within the GHz range.
The designer can use the Test Board to:
• couple burst pulses (high and low resistance) into pins.
• carry out RF (current and voltage) measurements on pins without any interaction.

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