Electrical Engineering Test

electrical engineering test

KoCoS is a German based manufacturer of quality test equipment for the electrical power industry. Their products have become first choice for many electrical power companies and industrial concerns across the world today.

This success is due in particular to the high performance and excellent quality of its easy-to-operate systems and high degree of flexibility afforded by the comprehensive modular concept which covers both hardware and software components.

KoCoS offers one of the largest ranges of secondary test systems on the market including relay test sets, circuit breaker test sets, micro ohm meters, power quality and error recorders, power sources and meter test and calibration systems.

KoCoS also owns and operates a service Engineering Company and a Grid Services Company. These service companies provide valuable feedback on the test equipment from the “real world”. The result is a suite of products designed by Engineers that are very close to the end users of their equipment.

  • Breaker Analysis: ACTAS Series
  • BResistance Measurement: PROMET Series Micro Ohm Meters
  • Protection Relay Testing: ARTES Series
  • Meter Testing: METES Series