HPS High Power Battery Charge and Discharge System

Battery Charge and Discharge systemThe HPS High Power Battery Charge and Discharge System series is optimised for a power range of 100W to 30 kW. The modular concept of the power amplifier makes the system in a wide range configurable.

The key features are:

  • Currents up to 500A/channel
  • Parallel connection of channels is possible
  • Voltages up to 60V
  • Rise time < 1 ms
  • Truly modular design provides complete flexibility and cost efficiency.
  • Additional analogue inputs standard
    (for reference electrode, temperature etc.)
    four (4) per channel
  • Native (analogue) CC and CV operating modes
    Allows precise, high speed control through zero.
    Other modes operate under digital control.
  • High speed control and data acquisition
    To meet today’s pulse profile requirements
  • From 1 to 400 independent channels per system
    Provides flexibility for any size of user
  • Local database
    No need to export data to perform analysis
  • RS232 or Ethernet communication
    At user’s option
  • Network compatible
    Allows one or multiple systems to be easily
    connected to the user’s in-house network.
  • Direct integration with other types of test systems
    For example, load control in fuel cell test systems
  • Enhanced numerical/graphical analysis and report generation

BCT Brochure
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