Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) Acf Active Harmonic Filters

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) Active Harmonic Filters function like a controlled current source. This makes it possible to feed current into the network in any phasing, amplitude and frequency. Reactive power, load fluctuations and harmonics are compensated actively on the principle of elimination.

Acf Active Harmonic Filters - MRTechnology

The core of the MR Acf Active Harmonic Filter system is an IGBT rectifier.

This is connected to the network to be compensated via a line filter needed to eliminate the pulse frequency. A  DC-voltage capacitor functions as an energy buffer. The control electronics continuously compare the actual value in the network with the specified ideal value and tracks the current flow for each phase separately and simultaneously.

MR Acf Active Harmonic Filter systems feature a modular design with modules rated at 100A each. Additional capacity can be easily retrofitted in the field simply by adding additional amplifier modules and configuring the controller. Similarly, if a module is removed, the MR Active Harmonic Filter will continue to work at less capacity. MR Active Harmonic Filter systems are available in 415V and 690V model variants with up to 600A capacity; more capacity is achievable through paralleling.

Harmonics compensation

The load current to be compensated is captured by the MR Acf Active Harmonic Filter system via a current transformer. The active filter isolates the harmonic component from the signal and feeds this back into the network in phase opposition. This results in it being eliminated, the network current now consists solely of the pure fundamental oscillation component. The control can compensate either all harmonic oscillations in real time or optionally individually selected ones as well as reactive power.

Reactive power compensation

The MR Acf Active Harmonic Filter system can feed any reactive power of the fundamental harmonics into the network inductively or capacitively at the connection point. This is carried out separately for each phase, a point that results additionally in balancing the current consumption.

Flicker compensation

In the event of a load increase in the load to be compensated, the MR Acf Active Harmonic Filter system temporarily feeds the energy stored in the intermediary circuit buffer capacitor into the supply network. Alternatively, when the load goes down, the active filter takes energy out of the network and feeds it into the intermediary circuit.  This principle allows smoothing of the load fluctuation on the line side, and this in turn results in the flicker effect (perception of light fluctuations) being forced below the level of perception (Pst = 1). The devices must be equipped with a higher intermediary circuit capacity in order to achieve flicker compensation.

Key benefits of MR Acf Active Filter Systems

1.    Compensation of all current harmonics up to approx. the 50th harmonic

2.    Power Factor Correction

3.    Load balancing

4.    Flicker compensation

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