Compliance Test Systems for Harmonics & Flicker

Compliance Test Systems for Harmonics & FlickerCTS Series

Conducted emissions compliance test systems. Performs the IEC harmonics and flicker tests.

Available in a range of power levels from 3000 VA to 90000 VA, the CTS series provides cost effective full compliance testing for both single and three phase products. The CTS series is the only compliance test system on the market that uses a PC bus based high speed data acquisition system to record complete data on all measurements taken from the Equipment Under Test (EUT). This effectively eliminates the IEEE-488 interface throughput bottle necks that plagues most IEC test systems available today.

The powerful CTS test software takes full advantage of this high speed acquisition system by displaying real-time data and continuous pass fail calculations during the entire test run. No need to wait for a two hour flicker test to finish before the outcome of the test is known. With a CTS system, the operator is always up to date on test progress and test results.
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