XG Series 1500W and 1700W DC Power Supplies

The Sorensen XG Series DC power supplies are packed with features not commonly found in laboratory DC Power Supplies! It offers many useful and exciting features and functions designed to make your life easier when using the power supply in an ATE system or as a standalone system.

The XG Series DC power supplies are available in 1500W and 1700W varieties in a compact 1U high package. Eleven models are available with output voltage ranges are between 0V to 8V through to 0V to 600V.

The XG Series power supplies feature two auxiliary outputs in addition to the main power output. Auxiliary output 1 is a 5V 0.4A and auxiliary output 2 is 15V 0.4A. These additional voltage outputs can be switched on and off via the front panel or remotely using SCPI commands. A typical application for these additional outputs can be to switch relays on and off in ATE systems.

Several remote interfaces are standard on the XG Series DC power supplies including USB, RS-232, RS-485 and analogue remote control. LXI Ethernet, Isolated Analogue control and GPIB are low cost options that can be added. LabVIEW and USB drivers also ship with each DC power supply.
The analogue programming range is freely programmable from 0V to 5V-10V based on your control system. Customers are no longer required to provide a 0-5V or 0-10V control signal. For example, if your analogue control signal is a 0-7.8V, the XG Series can be programmed to provide an output of 0V to full scale voltage from an analogue input of 0-7.8V. Freely programmable analogue control is also possible via a resistive input of 0 ohm to 2k-10K ohm. This provides flexibility when replacing a faulty power supply with a new XG Series DC power supply. Features such as switching the main output on/off or the aux outputs on/off can be controlled by Logic 1 or Logic 0 analogue inputs, again, freely programmable according to your requirements.

On board sequencing is a very handy feature of the XG Series DC power supply. Sequencing allows for fast execution of Voltage/Current profiles or waveforms. Usually, a DC power supply with a remote interface can be controlled via SCPI commands for execution of complex waveforms. However, each SCPI command requires 25ms of processing time and this can be too slow for many applications such as automotive power simulation. The on board sequencing feature of the Sorensen XG Series allows a sequence program to be created on a PC and downloaded to the controller of the power supply. Using this method, a 1ms step resolution is possible between each step with up to 1000 steps per sequence program possible.
Programmable Foldback Delay for Voltage and Current is standard on all XG DC power supplies. This is a handy feature when working with a product with large capacitors on the input for example. When enabled, the Foldback feature will turn off the output of the power supply if it transitions from CV mode to CC mode, or CC mode to CV mode. In some cases it is desirable for the power supply to transition from one control mode to another, for example when powering products with a large inrush current. In such cases, a delay can be set before the power supply output is disabled. This time delay can be anywhere from 500ms to 50sec.

Sleep Mode is a feature not often found in a Laboratory DC power supply but it is standard on the XG Series. When a period of idle is detected, the power supply will activate Sleep Mode to save energy. The cooling fans are also not on at all times like many other power supplies on the market. The XG Series use variable speed temperature controlled fans. As well as saving energy, this leads to much quieter operation. There are some power supplies that use speed controlled fans based on load current although this can be annoying when the load is drawn through the power supply in bursts as is often the case. The fans inside the XG Series power supplies will slowly start only when cooling is actually required.

For high voltage applications, two XG Series DC power supplies can be connected in series. In fact, two 600V power supplies can be wired in series to create a 1200V DC power supply. For higher current applications, XG power supplies can be connected in parallel. Up to four XG power supplies can be connected in parallel in true master/slave operation. An analogue control cable is used to link each power supply. This analogue control provides for fast transient response, load regulation and current control accuracy. Analogue control is more than 20 times faster than digital control methods used by some competitors DC power supplies.

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