Westek launches new Vitrek Precision High Voltage Meter

Vitrek High Voltage Meter
The new Vitrek model 4700 Six Digit, Precision High Voltage Meter is suitable for measurements to 10 kV rms, and by means of the Vitrek HVL range of precision attenuators, can be extended to measure to 35, 70, and 100 kV rms. The Vitrek model 4700 Precision High Voltage Meter is suitable for measurement at frequencies as low as 0.01 Hz to 600 Hz while providing true rms (TRMS) as well as DC measurements and is capable of high speed analysis by virtue of a DSP providing up to 60 filtered readings per second. The instrument is therefore well suited for the calibration of HiPot and VLF testing systems for loss angle and other applications. The Vitrek model 4700 has a basic accuracy of 0.03% DC and 0.1% True RMS AC. The instrument has dual inputs and provides differential or phase-to-phase voltage measurement. The instrument can be powered by an optional lithium-ion battery pack providing up to 11 hours between charges.

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