RB Series current-compensated chokes PCB mounting

The Schaffner RB-series chokes are suitable for AC (to 600 V AC) as well as DC (to 1000 V DC) power lines and can therefore also be employed in inverters for drive applications, converters and photovoltaic panel circuits as well as charging stations for electric vehicles, etc. The chokes are available as one- and three-phase designs in horizontal and vertical construction for currents from 16 to 50A and with forced cooling at 3 metre/sec are able to be continuously rated at 80 A (applies to 50 A devices).
The Schaffner RB-series chokes are rated at an ambient temperature of 60°C, and in general with forced cooling achieve an additional minimum of 50% additional rating. The Schaffner RB series chokes have air gaps and leakage paths designed for working voltages of up to 600Vac /1000Vdc. They have excellent linearity and saturation resistance, and are available with inductances between 0.25 and 1.0 mH per coil.
Typically the Schaffen RB series chokes exhibit attenuations of the order of 40 dB at 500 kHz. The pin-out of the chokes provides a simple layout of the circuit boards thus minimising losses and increasing noise suppression, especially for applications at higher current levels.
The simple mounting procedure makes the Schaffner RB series chokes suitable for electronic devices subject to vibration. The Schaffner RB series chokes comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.