PMM appoints Westek for compliance equipment

Westek Electronics has been appointed by PMM to market and sell its range of EMC and RFI equipment. PMM is a major company within the global L3-Narda group and is based in Italy. PMM specialises in receivers and spectrum analysers, antenna-mounted receivers, LISNs, antennas and EMC-RFI compliance software. PMM was founded in 1968, cutting its teeth on the design of ham radio receivers, transmitters, and later in the early 1980’s, through natural development, the Company commenced building receivers and ancillary equipment for the then nascent RFI regulations. PMM’s expertise in meeting the very strict requirements for EMC as well as RFI is therefore based on its product development history throughout the formative years of EMC/RFI compliance standards.

PMM’s range of EMC/RFI equipment includes pre-compliance and full compliance conducted and radiated emission receivers with tracking and FFT spectrum analysis, and line impedance stabilisation network systems (LISNs). Receivers such as the
PMM 9010F (10 Hz to 30 MHz) with FFT offer significant full-compliance benefits and speed of analysis, as well as expandability in frequency range into 6 GHz bandwidth and beyond by means of PMM’s system of antenna-mounted amplifiers feeding into a dedicated connector on receiver front panels. .

Westek Electronics is a leading Australian-owned Company specialising in EMC/RFI compliance equipment, components and instrumentation. Westek Electronics’range of products includes test systems for OATS, shielded room systems, GTEM cells, and instrumentation for electrostatic susceptibility testing. Westek electronics also supplies high insertion loss filtering components for RFI/EMC isolation.

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