PMM 9010F fast, digital EMI receiver

The new PMM 9010F FFT Time –Domain Digital EMI receiver and Real-Time Analyser with FFT for full emission compliance is suitable for laboratory use and field work (only 4.3 kg weight) via its standard Li-ion battery pack. Because of fast analysis time, the PMM 9010F fast, digital EMI receiver with FFT is ideally suited for compliance testing electric tools, food machinery, motors subject to over heating, etc.

The PMM 9010F fast, digital EMI receiver provides gapless conducted interference measurement from 10 Hz to 30 MHz in full compliance with CISPR 16-1-1. The receiver can be upgraded to 30 MHz – 3 GHz; 30 MHz – 6 GHz; and 6 – 18 GHz, providing a long-term investment value.

The PMM 9010F fast, digital EMI receiver with FFT reduces full compliance testing significantly from the traditional hours involved, scanning the conducted spectrum under 25 seconds with a hold time of only one second for CISPR detectors including Q-Peak, C-RMS, and C-Avg (utilising an effective ¼ resolution bandwidth step). The PMM 9010F EMI receiver is equipped with Peak, Quasi-Peak, RMS, RMS-avg, and C-avg detectors.

The PMM 9010F receiver has a high contrast, backlit display with a large range of display units to choose from. Built-in display limits include CISPR 11, 14, and 22 limits, and also shows battery status. The I/O interfaces include RS232, USB, high speed optical, and a user port driving accessories.

Important options available for the PMM 9010F fast, digital EMI receiver with FFT include MIL-STD-441 resolution bandwidth filters, a full-compliance, click analyser function (to CISPR 14-1), and a RS232 to BlueTooth converter.

The PMM 9010F fast, digital EMI receiver with FFT advanced design confers a very low noise floor, eg:-7dB?V in the A band (9 – 150 kHz) and 5dB?V in the B band (0.15 – 30 MHz). When higher sensitivity is required, the noise floor can be reduced to –24dBmV in the A band, and –7dBmV in the B band.

PMM’s software package (PES) is suitable for real-time analysis, saving, recalling, editing settings, limits, scans, etc. The software also drives ancillaries such as PMM’s LISN and RF switches.

Ancillary equipment includes a 3-axis loop antenna suitable for CISPR 15 (EN551015), rod antenna (9-30 kHz), bi-conical antenna (30 – 200 MHz), and double-ridged antenna (6 – 18 GHz), and an extensive range of LISNs for single phase and three-phase supplies.

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