New CSW Series AC/DC Power supply from California Instruments

The CSW range of power supplies from California Instruments combine a single phase AC power supply, three phase output power supply and DC power supply in one instrument. The new California Instruments CSW AC/DC power supplies are programmable for tests including full compliance testing to many EMC, power quality and avionics standards.
The individual CSW chassis units have a rated output of 5550 VA. Up to six units can be paralleled to provide a maximum output of 33.3 kVA. The output of the CSW is three phase or single phase and can be AC, DC or AC + DC. Output frequencies are adjustable from 16 Hz to 5 kHz, and the California Instruments CSW can provide complex waveforms including inrush current and commutation notching simulation via arbitrary waveform generation functions.
The power supplies are available with RS232, USB, GPIB and LAN interfaces. Powerful software/firmware provide GUI controlled testing routines for civil avionics (Airbus, Boeing), as well as other commercial and military aircraft.