New 60V DC Power Supply from Sorensen

The new Sorensen XPF 60-20 DC power supply  features Powerflex Power Envelope and can provide 420W of power at voltages ranging from 0V to 60V DC. However unlike conventional power supplies that have a fixed output current limit, the XPF 60-20 can provide higher currents at lower voltages. As output voltage decreases, the output current increases, within the limits of its 420W rating. Some examples of voltage & current combinations are 60V/7A, 40V/10A, 28V/15A and 20V/20A.

The new XPF 60-20 is packaged in a very compact half rack 3U high case, with 4mm safety output connectors on the front and output terminal strip on the rear panel. This makes the XPF 60-20 DC power supply very convenient and safe for bench top applications. Alternatively, it can be easily integrated into a 19 inch equipment rack.

Front panel analogue controls allow the user to easily set output voltage and current limits, with fine and course controls. Once the desired values are set, the user can lock the setting with the push of the S Lock button. The S lock feature will transfer the analogue settings to the internal Digital controller and lock the controls from further adjustment. The S Lock function serves as a security feature, preventing values from being accidentally changed and it also adds stability to the output settings. For remote control via PC, the XPF 60-20 DC power supply can be optioned with a programmable controller. The programmable controller option adds Ethernet (LXI Compliant), GPIB, RS232 and USB interfaces.
The new Sorensen XPF 60-20 420W DC power supply ships with a 3 year warranty and are only available in Australia through Westek Electronics Pty Ltd.
For further information or a quote on the XPF Series DC power supplies please contact us on 1300WESTEK or click on the link below.
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