High power density and IFI travelling wave tube amplifiers

Westek Electronics is the Australian representative of TESEQ EMC testing instrumentation, and following TESEQ’s acquisition of MILMEGA (UK) and IFI (USA) is now able to offer MILMEGA high power density, class A amplifiers, and IFI’s large range of travelling wave tube amplifiers, gridded pulse and continuous wave amplifier systems.

The MILMEGA amplifiers are an important addition to the TESEQ range of EMC testing instrumentation. The new amplifiers are highly cost-effective for EMC duties, communication and other applications, and limit the cost of maintaining or upgrading, an amplifier during its service life. MILMEGA amplifiers cover the spectrum from 80 MHz to 8 GHz, and power outputs to 1000 watts. System level partitioning decisions can therefore be confidently implemented following system requirement analysis. MILMEGA employs the Corporate Amplifier Structure (CSA) topology to deliver technical superiority coupled with class leading reliability and a simple upgrade path. MILMEGA broadband Class A solid-state amplifiers deliver the required power in a package, which is half the size and weight of most amplifiers in a similar power rating range. Superior P1dB specifications provide significantly improved $/watt ratios and first class harmonic and spurious rejection specifications make MILMEGA amplifiers highly suitable for microwave applications.

Instruments For Industry (IFI) designs and manufactures a large array of RF microwave high power, RF microwave medium power and RF microwave low power amplifiers in broadband, wide-band and standard frequency bandwidths. The field of applications includes EMC, EW, laboratory and EMI testing applications. RF amplifiers types include: TWT (travelling wave tube) amplifiers, tetrode tube amplifiers, solid-state amplifiers, CW, pulse TWTA and millimetre amplifiers.

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