GRIDCON ACF Active Harmonic Filters

The new Gridcon ACF is suitable for tough environments and offering compensation on phase and neutral conductors. 400 V/690 V, three-wire and four-wire Active Harmonic Filters from MR Reinhausen offer a practical solution for improving power quality to meet Australian Standards for maximum harmonic levels at points of common coupling (pcc) and can be employed in TT, TN and IT distribution schemes. Various cooling arrangements as well as air cooling, IP54 housing make the Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters eminently suitable for tough environments including mining applications.

Correction schemes include neutral current harmonics compensation. In addition to 400 and 690 volt models higher line voltage models are available. The Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters are modular, allowing the build-up of corrective harmonic power from 87 kVAr (125 amps at 400 line volts) to 348 kVAr (500 amps at 400 line volts). The Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters are also available for 690 line volts operation providing corrective power from 150 kVAr (125 amps) to 600 kVAr (500 amps). Systems can be assembled to a total of 3 MVAr corrective capacity.

The Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters are capable of handling high peak current compensation. The three-level converter using 12, IGBTs accommodates high peak currents typical of high order harmonic content and also provides a much smoother compensation than can be achieved with standard two-level, 6-pulse systems. The Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters have a very fast response (under 1 ms) and can be configured for optimum settling times depending on applications such as flicker (requiring very fast settling with possible overshoot) to slower settling needed in many production applications. Harmonic correction is provided for harmonics to the 51st order.

Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters utilise networked architecture thus offering very flexible topological control schemes and many physical plant layout options. Via its Anybus ports, the Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters can be integrated with industrial buses of virtually any type. The Ethernet TCP/IP interface permits control via browser. The diagram illustrates the flexible ways the Gridcon ACF Active Harmonic Filters can be deployed including the siting of the mobile measurement unit (MIO) or units in remote locations close to current transformers and voltage measuring points. EMC secure connections couple MIOs to filter’s distributed synchronous controller (DSC) connecting to the IGBT converter modules. Control protocols permit sampling for example, of several MIOs depending on particular feeder correction needs.

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