Increase Energy Efficiency With EMC Filters

The trend to achieve increased energy efficiency is driving the need and demand for energy efficient drive systems. Power quality solutions like EMC filters, reduces the transfer of electromagnetic noise between the drive and mains power supply, and will therefore prevent undue degradation in performance. This will in turn reduce the power consumption, cut operating cost and in the end contribute to a sustainable use of energy.

Schaffner is the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality and supports with its components solutions for an efficient and reliable use of electric energy. With its products and services, the Schaffner Group plays a key role in promoting technologies that support renewable energies, ensures the reliable functioning of electronic equipment and systems in compliance with all major quality and performance standards and meets the requirements for greater energy efficiency.

EMC Filters available at Westek

Westek Electronics is dedicated to the supply of high quality products and solutions and provide EMC filters from Schaffner to our Australian customers. We have a wide variety of EMC filters available:

  • Single phase EMC Filter
  • Three phase EMC Filter
  • Open frame EMC Filter

Single Phase EMC/EMI Filters for chassis or DIN-rail mounting are key for EMC compliance of higher power office equipment and low to medium power industrial applications.

Three Phase EMC/EMI filters solutions are suitable for industrial applications like motor drives and machine tools. Furthermore, these types of EMC/EMI filters are also suitable for mainframe computer systems, large uninterrupted power supplies, medical equipment, wind turbine power stations and a vast array of other three-phase power electronics.

Open Frame EMC/EMI filters must often be installed in an electrical or electronic device or case together with other electrical components. As attention is paid to the smallest possible size, there is often insufficient space to integrate standard chassis filters. For this purpose, Schaffner can design internal filters according to your requirements.

Download the Schaffner Catalogue here for more information and product details.

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