Adaptive-Passive Harmonics Filters by Westek Electronics

MTE’s unparalleled “adaptive passive technology” makes the Matrix AP Harmonic Filter the most advanced harmonic filter on the market. No other harmonic filter exhibits active filter characteristics in a passive filter topology with improved power factor and energy efficiency. With the adaptive passive technology, the AP Filter allows users to achieve efficient and superior attenuation of harmonics from light to full loads. A differentiating feature of the Matrix AP is the number of capacitors it uses. One, 3 phase capacitor is standard on all 6A – 103A units. The 403A and 786A units use three and six single phase capacitors consecutively, and the 1200A units use a maximum of nine, single phase capacitors.
The AP Harmonic Filter varies or adapts its impedance in response to changing loads; the highest impedance is at light loads and the lowest impedance occurs at maximum loads. The result is more consistent mitigation of current harmonics.

• Uses fewer capacitors while maintaining 99%+ efficiency, only one capacitor up to 103 Amps
• Compatible with generator systems
• No resistors required
• Generates less heat / no fans required
• More consistent power factor across the load range
• Improves C/L ratio which decreases potential resonance
• Reduces energy costs
• Lowers capacitance resulting in less voltage rise at no load, at PCC (Point of Common Coupling) and on the DC Bus
• Extends service life of electrical equipment
• Helps eliminate system downtime
• Helps meet IEEE-519 Requirements (5% THID) when used at lighter loads
• Guarantees THID performance of 8% MAX at 30% load, 5% MAX at full load

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