Active Harmonic Filter, three-phase, three-wire

Active Harmonic Filter Manufacturer REINHAUSEN from Germany appoints Westek Electronics as their Australian and NZ Distributor. Co-operation with the Reinhausen group, provides Westek Electronics with access to world class research and development in the field of harmonic mitigation in electrical networks. Westek Electronics Pty Ltd has been appointed as Australian and NZ Distributor by the Reinhausen Group (Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH) for their AcF series of active filters.
Westek Electronics is a specialist company focussing on harmonics mitigation products including active and passive filters, chokes and on filtering requirements for variable speed drives.
The REINHAUSEN Group is active in the field of power engineering and is composed of the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) located in Germany and its 23 subsidiaries spread all around the world. In the past fiscal year 2,700 employees generated sales of over 500 million Euros.

Reinhausen (MR) AcF Series Active Harmonics Filters

The Reinhausen (MR) AcF Series Active filters are suitable for three-phase, three-wire and three-phase, four wire systems. MR AcF is unique in a number of ways. Available both in 415 Volts and 690Volts. Lowest Power Loss – 1900Watt per 100 Amp module. Unitised and Modular construction.
Offers both Global and selective compensation of harmonics. Response time of 1 ms compared to 20ms from other commercially available active filters. Embedded Webserver. No special software necessary. Flicker Control to EN50160, to mitigate health issues experienced by the human eye when experienced over an extended period of time for example in the workplace.
Both Open Loop and Closed Loop possible – MR AcF is engineered to be configured in either of the above. The closed loop configuration is used so as to comply with the THID injected into the grid. The open loop control is used to provide compensation for an individual or a group of non-linear loads inside the plant facility.
Although there are other active filters on the market which can be used either for open loop or closed loop none has the versatility offered by MR AcF filters as they allow the user to conveniently program the loop mode in which they are to function.
The Reinhausen (MR) AcF Series Active filters can also be used for MV compensation via an interposing transformer. In this capacity the filters are employed in three-phase, three-wire sub-distribution networks.The Reinhausen (MR) AcF Series Active filters have been successfully applied in a 22 KV network in such a configuration. Harmonic compensation techniques vary and these need to be carefully considered as to their applicability.
The Reinhausen MR AcF Series Active Filter offers Global compensation (as normally found in Broadband Filters) as well as selective compensation (as normally found in FFT Filters). The Reinhausen (MR) AcF Active filter is based on Vector Control Algorithm. This means that each selected frequency being compensated uses one control loop (2 in the case of unbalanced currents).
During the first start-up of AcF filters, each control loop is synchronized to its corresponding frequency in terms of phase angle and amplitude. Once all control loops are locked to their respective frequencies, they only react to changes in phase angle and amplitude and these parameters are calculated in real time during sampling.
The system reaction time is therefore only limited by necessary damping of the control loops to keep the system stable. This is in sharp contrast to many commercially available FFT based filters. The Reinhausen (MR) AcF Series Active filter uses a special T-sine –reconstruction filter between the network and the IGBTs in each module in order to provide a significantly lower switching frequency thereby minimising losses and maximising the lifetime of IGBT’s. This is a unique feature of Reinhausen (MR) filters.
The Reinhausen (MR) AcF Series Active filters are available in current ranges from 100 to 600 amps and upto 4,800 Amps in parallel offering.

  • Harmonic compensation to the 50th harmonic
  • Flicker and inrush current compensation
  • Power factor correction
  • Phase balancing
  • Voltage up to 690 Volts
  • MV with interposing transformer

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