Gridcon ACF Active Filters from MR – More Power, More Value

Drives technology has changed rapidly over the last few years. Today’s technology offer high efficiency at a lower cost.

Thanks to the progress made in the fields of power electronics, variable frequency drives are now common. By offering high efficiency and good power factor, these drives help operators to save energy.

However, the frequency converters used to regulate them, supply the grid with harmonics, which will impair the power quality. Industrial distribution networks often therefore display high loads with harmonics – under certain circumstances, even the standards for the point of coupling with the public grid are violated.

Impermissible disturbances in power quality can have serious consequences – if a sensitive device, such as an electronic control unit, is damaged by harmonics, this may result in problems extending right up to production failure.

Reactive power, load unbalance and flicker also represent significant power quality challenges. One of the major benefits of the active filter is its speed. It will be of particular importance for flicker compensation because the voltage changes need to be absorbed. If an active filters regulation is only designed for a rapid rise time, overshoots may arise.


The new generation of ACF Active Filters for very exacting demands

Westek Electronics offer the high quality Gridcon ACF Active Filters from industry leader MR.

Gridcon ACF series is designed for high peak currents so that harmonics can always be compensated for with high power.

Active filters can reliably and highly accurately compensate for these disturbances. They take the strain off the grid, extend the service life of devices and increase the safety of industrial systems.

Active filters function as a regulated current source, they compensate for disturbances in the grid by feeding a current of just frequency and amplitude needed.

Active filters ensure clean grids in a whole host of sectors and applications, for example:

  • Chemical industry
  • Offshore platforms and ships
  • Steel plants
  • Water treatment and pump stations
  • Paper industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Power generation from renewable sources

The Gridcon ACF series offer the level of reliability and safety you would expect – even beyond standard operational voltages and under demanding environmental conditions.

The central operating element of the Gridcon ACF is a touch panel on the front of the cabinet, with a clear menu structure.

The 3-level circuit of the Gridcon ACF is based on twelve IGBTs, whereas the conventional 2-level version simply comprises six. The special circuitry halves the voltage load of the power semiconductors. This will lead to lower losses and higher overvoltage capacity.

The benefits of the Gridcon ACF Series:

  • Large area of use and high power
  • Fit for future applications
  • Maximum operational reliability with high voltages
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Ease of service and operation

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