Westek and Our Suppliers

At Westek we work with the best suppliers in the industry, and we think you should too.

We take great pride in working with some of the world leaders in the industry.

Some of our major suppliers such as Schaffner, MTE and TESEQ, are all determined to provide nothing but the highest quality equipment, and are exceptionally committed to their customers. These companies contributes not only to the industry, but to the environment by working towards energy efficient solutions.

We supply power quality equipment from Schaffner, an international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality and supports with its components solutions for an efficient and reliable use of electric energy. Schaffner leads the way toward greater energy efficiency and promoting technologies that support renewable energies. We supply power quality equipment from Schaffner, and we are confident that you will find a solution that will fit your requirements.

The Schaffner Group offers its expertise and services worldwide in the fields of development consultancy, EMC solutions, application support and production.

Another one of our major suppliers MTE, offer power quality and filter products for both input (line-side) and output (load-side) of variable frequency drives (VFDs) and power conversion equipment. MTE provides complete power quality solutions for automation in oil and gas, water/wastewater, HVAC and other industries. MTE strives to become a Global Market Leader of Power Quality solutions for drives and motor systems.

We are proud to offer EMC test systems from TESEQ, a company which strives to offer the most comprehensive range of EMC test systems for immunity and emission testing. They take pride in their world class research and development program, which makes them an industry leader.

“Our unique “modular” approach to EMC is focused on our customers’ business needs. By breaking down the barriers between traditionally separate test functions we can optimize the test process to help you bring products to market more quickly”, TESEQ states on their website.

To see our product range from these major suppliers, please contact us through our online form or refer to our website.