Powerex – Pioneer in high semiconductor applications

Powerex is a leading supplier of discrete, modular and integrated high power semiconductor solutions, supporting many markets. Westek offers a broad line of Powerex products.

You can count on impeccable service and support before, during and after your purchase.
Powerex has made it their mission to help engineers choose the absolute right product for their application.

Powerex’ vision is to be the preferred global partner for high power semiconductor solutions. They strive to consistently deliver value, quality and expertise to their customers, as well as provide customer desired innovation. Their goal is to achieve growth and profitability for their customers and owners.

A dedicated group of experienced Powerex applications engineers are available to serve
as an extension of your design team.

Semiconductor Solutions

Powerex serve a wide range of markets, such as:

– AC, DC and Servo Drives (low and medium voltage)
– Aircraft
– Alternative Energy and Distributed Power
– Electronic Vehicles
– Induction Heating
– Medical Power Supplies (CT, MRI, X-RAY)
– Power Generation and Distribution
– Pulsed Power
– Uninterruptible Power Supplies
– Welding
– White Goods and HVAC

Powerex has an extensive network of experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer sales representatives and authorized distributors spanning the globe. Westek is one of them. If you would like more information about range of Powerex products, please fill in our online enquiry form.

Powerex and its strategic partners maintain a commitment to research and new product development to meet customer power semiconductor requirement, including decreased component size, reduces costs, and increased energy efficiency.

Powerex Products

Powerex offers a broad line of products, including IGBT; MOSFET Modules; Intelligent Power Modules (IPM); DIP-IPM; Module Accessories (including Gate Drivers and DC-DC Converters); Discrete Thyristors/SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier); Discrete Rectifiers; Thyristorand Diode Modules; Fast Recovery and Three-Phase Diode Modules; Assemblies; IGBT Assemblies; and Custom Modules.

For more information about the Powerex line of products, please fill in our online enquiry form.