Electronical Safety Testers – Unbeatable Quality and Price

Ensure product quality and safety with high quality test equipment. Westek Electronics offer the V60 series from Vitrek, a range of electronical safety testers in an affordable price range.

Australia has a strict products liability regime modeled on the EC’s Product Liability Directive. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe to use and liable for any damage caused by product faults. These restrictions are set in place to ensure that the product meets the minimum safety requirements and that damage claims can be limited.

Ensure your product is safe with high quality test equipment

Electrical safety test equipment can be broken down into two groups; design or type tests and routine production line tests. In this article, we will talk specifically about production line testing.

A production line test helps ensure a product is safe before it is approved. One of the most used tests is the Hipot test. It is designed to stress the insulation of a product far beyond what it would encounter during normal operation. The purpose of a Hipot test is to check for excessive leakage flow through a product’s insulation. High voltage is applied from the main input lines to the chassis of the product in order to look for insulation breakdown. The Hipot test can be performed using either an AC or a DC voltage.

The Hipot test can also be used to detect material and workmanship defects, such as small gap spacings between current carrying conductors and the ground. When a product is used under normal conditions, these gaps can create dangerous situations for users. Environmental factors such as humidity, dirt, vibration, shock and contaminants can close these small gaps and allow current to flow. That’s why it’s essential that these defects are corrected before approving the product. No other test can discover this type of defect as well as the Hipot test.

The V60 Electronical Safety Hipot Testers from Vitrek

Whether it is on an automated production line or in a product safety engineering lab, the V60 Series packs the performance you need to get the job done right – at a value price that won’t break your budget.

The V60 series from Vitrek will provide you with more than mere essential. The Vitrek team has developed a tester with all the features you need at a price you cannot pass up. The series offer features like one touch automatic testing, 150 position test memory, built-in RS232, scanner control & PLC interfaces, digital ramp and dwell, no load setting of min/max trip currents, as well as full line and load regulations.

Combine these features with high reliability, reduced component count and VLSI surface mount construction, and you have a product that will surpass your expectations.

Below is a full list of features offered by the V60 series:

  • Fully Automated Testing at the Touch of a Button or via RS232 & PLC Control (GPIB optional)
  • 3 Models to choose from – Select the functions you need
  • Available QuickTest™ Test
  • Automation Software for your PC
  • AC Hipot to 5kV / 40mA
  • DC Hipot to 6kV / 10mA
  • Insulation Resistance to 10GΩ with selectable 500 & 1000 VDC Outputs
  • Ground Continuity to 0.001Ω
  • Two 16 Channel Scanners Optionally Available
  • Built-in 160 Step Test Memory
  • Programmable Ramp & Dwell Times, Output Voltages and Limits
  • Selectable Arc Detection
  • Front Panel Lockout Feature
  • CE Mark Certified to EN61010
  • Three Year Extended Warranty

To enquire about our range of Vitrek Hipot Test systems, please contact us through our online contact form.