Milmega 800MHz – 2.2GHz Frequency Band RF Amplifiers

The MILMEGA Series 2000 800MHz -2.2GHz broadband RF amplifiers have an award winning innovative design which utilises the latest GaAs FET and MMIC technologies.

Model AS0822-27
27W RF amplifier
Psat (min) 28W
Weight: 14kg
Size: 3U high

Model AS0822-55
55W RF amplifier
Psat (min) 56W
Weight: 15kg
Size: 3U high

Model AS0822-100
100W RF amplifier
Psat (min) 100W
Weight: 20kg
Size: 3U high

Model AS0822-200
200W RF amplifier
Psat (min) 200W
Weight: 27kg
Size: 3U high

Model AS0822-360
360W RF amplifier
Psat (min) 363W
Weight: 54kg
Size: 6U high

Model AS0822-700
700W RF amplifier
Psat (min) 724W
Weight: 94kg
Size: 15U high
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