RF Power Amplifiers for EMC Testing

RF Power Amplifiers for EMC TestingEMC RF immunity testing is a harsh environment. RF Amplifiers are often operated at their limits and into poor VSWR match. All RF Amplifiers in the Teseq range are solid state, Class A configured and therefore mismatch tolerant. Teseq RF Amplifiers can withstand all of their power being reflected back into their output without any risk of damage.

Low harmonic levels are also an important specification during RF immunity testing. Teseq RF Amplifiers offer harmonic levels >20dBc below the fundamental, making them suitable for the EMC test environment.

Teseq RF Amplifiers are available in the following frequency bands.

    • 10kHz – 100MHz
    • 100kHz – 1GHz
    • 150kHz – 230MHz
    • 1MHz – 400MHz
    • 10MHz – 1GHz
    • 80MHz – 1GHz
    • 700MHz – 2.7GHz
    • 800MHz – 2.0GHz
    • 800MHz – 2.7GHz
    • 800MHz – 3.1GHz
    • 800MHz – 4.0GHz
    • 800MHz – 6.0GHz
    • 1.0GHz – 2.0GHz
    • 1.0GHz – 4.0GHz
    • 1.8GHz – 6.0GHz
    • 2.0GHz – 4.0GHz
    • 2.0GHz – 6.0GHz

    Various power levels are available for each RF Power Amplifier frequency band to ensure the desired field strength is achieved when combined with the customers EMC test configuration. Power levels start at 15W and go all the way up to 2kW are available.

    With many years of experience in design, manufacture and supply of broadband RF Power Amplifiers to the EMC market worldwide, Teseq is sure of the long term performance and reliability of their product. So confident in fact, that Teseq are now offering a 3 year warranty on all new purchases of RF Amplifiers.

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