Automotive EMC Test Systems

NSG 5500          Automotive Pulse Generator

The NSG 5500 Immunity generator performs the capacitive discharge pulsed interference tests called for by ISO, SAE, DIN, JASO and many other manufacturer specific variants.

Automotive EMC Test SystemsPulse 1 transient simulation

Pulse 2a transient simulation

Pulse 3a/3b switching transient simulation

Pulse 5 load dump generator

Internal 100 A (300 A inrush) battery switch for transient immunity testing

Controlled by Autostar software with full library of standards & test routines


NSG 5600          Automotive Transient Generator

The NSG 5600 Immunity generator performs the simulation of battery effects, dropouts, noise and ripple found in automotive electrical system.

Automotive EMC Test SystemsPulse 2b. Simulation of transients from DC motors acting as generators after the ignition is switched off

Pulse 4. The voltage reduction caused by energizing the starter motor circuits of the internal combustion engines

Magnetic field immunity simulation

Transformer Coupled Sine waves, sinusoidal noise coupled on battery lines


Automotive Battery Simulation

Battery simulators are required in Automotive EMC testing to replace the vehicle battery in the test environment. These sources must fulfil various criteria concerning power rating, voltage, fast slew rate, very low impedance, low noise, etc.

PA 5740          The PA 5470 is a lower powered high performance battery simulator suitable for testing products with low power consumption

Automotive EMC Test SystemsVoltage output +/-60V

Current output 10A continuous

180KHz bandwidth



PA 5840          The PA5840 range of battery simulators provide very high performance at various power levels.

Automotive EMC Test SystemsVoltage output -15V to +60V

Bandwidth up to 150KHz

Three power levels available for continuous current output of 25A, 50A and 100A







AES 5501          The AES 5501 Emissions Test System conforms to the emissions test requirements of ISO 7637-2.

The AES 5501 is a system of electronic and mechanical switches, an artificial network, and a unique control station.

Automotive EMC Test SystemsEmissions testing to ISO 7637-2 Automotive Standard

100A operation

Industry standard relay footprint for a wide selection of relays

Includes internal electronic switch




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