IFI Combination Solid State TWT RF Amplifiers

IFI’s Combination Solid State TWT RF Amplifiers are compact. Broadband RF amplifiers especially suited to pre compliant radiated RF susceptibility EMC Testing. Depending on the application and antenna, these Solid State TWT Combination amplifiers could also be used for fully compliant RF Immunity Testing.

These compact combination amplifiers cover the range of 1GHz-18GHz from power levels of 10W to 50W.


Model Number Frequency Range Rated Power (W)
ST181-10 1-18GHz GHz 10 Watts
ST181-20 1-18GHz GHz 20 Watts
ST181-50 1-18GHz GHz 50 Watts
ST101-50 1-10 GHz 50 Watts

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